How To Pass

Today, you will rarely get a job without being subjected to drug testing. In fact, most companies have made drug testing as part of their hiring employee requirement. Once hired, the companies continue to ensure that you remain drug-free by carrying spontaneous drug testing. Although drug testing is scary to most employees and job seekers, there are good reasons why companies make drug testing mandatory. In a workplace, the use of a drug can impair judgment and thus, increase injury risks. The need to ensure the safe working environment is more important in industries that have higher risks such as construction.

Another reason why companies carry drug testing is to improve performance. Studies have shown that the use of drugs negatively affects performance in the long-run. Furthermore, employees working under the influence of drugs do not reach their full potential as their minds may drift to problems that are not work-related or even struggle to stay on task. Drugs use can also affect the productivity and profits of the company. Employees who take drugs regularly skip work resulting in dwindling productivity and thus, reduced profits. When companies carry pre-employment drug testing, they reduce the likelihood firing a new employee and thus, decrease the turnover rate.

Another reason why companies carry drug testing is to avoid increased medical cost that comes with substance abuse. Drug testing at workplace helps to reduce health insurance premiums and health costs due to reduced drug-related illnesses and reduced workplace accidents. Testing for drugs also keeps employees from taking drugs, which helps to improve the health of employees and the society.

How to pass a drug test

There are several ways and techniques that you can use to pass a drug test. However, the right technique depends on the factors that surround testing. For example, if you are aware of urine drug testing well in advance, you only need to stop taking the drug and wait for it to clear naturally from the body. If you have time that may not be adequate to allow the drug to naturally clear from the body, you can use remedies that will flush the drugs from your system quickly. The right method will also depend on the drug in question. Some drugs stay in the body longer than others. However, if the time is not adequate to get the drugs from your system naturally, you should consider using the best synthetic urine instead of taking a risk.

Synthetic urine is a substance that is created in labs to imitate real urine. It is mostly sold in powder form and mixed with water to provide a substance that looks like real urine. You can buy these kits safely online at the convenience of your couch. The kits come with heating pads that allow the synthetic urine to have the most favorable temperature. However, it is important to note that the success of synthetic urine depends on several factors as well as the sophistication of the lab carrying out testing. With synthetic urine, your chances of passing drug testing will be higher than using other means such urine dilution and adulterating. As long as you are using a good brand of synthetic urine, you can rest easy knowing that the urine will not be detected as fake.

You should never use low-quality brands as they can be easily detected. Furthermore, before deciding to purchase the synthetic urine, you should ensure that you will have a chance to use the synthetic urine. Most companies have put in place mechanisms to prevent employees from using synthetic urine. For example, you should ensure that you will be allowed to take a sample in privacy. If not, you should plan carefully as well as learn the best ways that you can use to hide the synthetic urine. You should also remember that keeping the synthetic urine fresh and warm will ensure that you pass the test. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guideline on how to use and keep the urine warm.


Some of the characteristics that you should look out for in the best synthetic urine include ingredients, temperature and storing period. The best synthetic should contain uric acid as part of its ingredients, have a higher storing period and have the right temperature. The best way to ensure that you are buying the best synthetic urine is to buy a top rated brand from a trusted source.