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SECA Turns 30 next year! To celebrate, we will launch an electronic campaign in many state departments eliminating paper and moving us in the the modern age! If your department would like to make the switch and at least 80% of your staff has email contact us today.

Do you have news of your Department's campaign or of a SECA donor and want to share it with the world... LET US KNOW NOW! We are forming stories of SECA Success over the last 29 years.

Today’s SECA Drawings are for two $20 gas cards and two $20 supermarket cards. We will deliver them, along with a SECA item to accompany the gift card, to the department coordinators on Tuesday of next week but we want to share the winners with you today:

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners and to all who have already invested in our community this year. Let’s keep the pledges and donations coming in. We’d like to collect everything you have next Friday, December 20 although we will not wrap up the campaign for some time. Email your SECA Ambassador to schedule a pick up

Have you donated to the SECA Campaign for the last 29 years? LET US KNOW NOW!

Stay tuned for SECA News and additional announcements soon!

Exciting news! SECA Grand Prize!

Do you have a prize to offer? Please let us know at SECA. We would love to have an overnight or weekend stay at a Bed & Breakfast or dinner and a play at your favorite restaurant and theatre. If you know of someone who would like to reward RI State Employees for supporting their community, please let us know today!

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