2017 State Employees Charitable Appeal

The State Employees Charitable Appeal (SECA) was formed in 1984 to allow Rhode Island’s state employees to conveniently contribute money to local and regional health and welfare organizations.  Your donations to the social, health and human service agencies that SECA represents have not only helped to support so many of your fellow Rhode Islanders but have also helped to sustain altruistic programs across the United States.  As we celebrate the last 33 years of bringing hope and help to Rhode Islanders and beyond and embark on the new 2017 SECA Campaign, I ask you to think about this year’s campaign theme: “Inspire and Be Inspired”.

Last year’s SECA campaign raised $396,587! Thank you to all State Agency and Department Directors, Campaign Leaders and Labor Representatives for your support! Thanks especially to all of the generous state employee donors for opening your hearts and wallets to those that need our help the most! Your donations through SECA will help support over 520 nonprofit and community based organizations that are working hard every day to help and support people in need locally, nationally and internationally!

The 2017 SECA Campaign will begin in the middle of September and run through December 15. Thank you to General Treasurer, Seth Magaziner, for all your help and guidance during the 2016 Campaign. Welcome aboard to this year’s SECA Campaign Chair, the Director of the Department of Health, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott.