Passing a drug test is one of the most dreaded exercises. The anxiety of getting a much-needed job compels one to use water or golden-seal, in order to pass the test. Such moves highlight the importance of getting positive results after the test. testclear reviews denote the authenticity of some products that one can use in order to pass a drugs test. It shows that all is not lost, and one can relax when a test requirement surfaces as a prerequisite to getting employment, or any other opportunity.

Types of Drug Tests

Urine Test Simulation

Under this exercise, one does not need supervision. One only has to deliver 45 ml sample of urine, and there is no better way than to come up with the sample from home. Testclear urine comes as a ready-made powder, and it calls for a simple preparation from home in order for one to come up with a sample. A drug test has never been this easy.

Supervised Test

Sometimes it calls for a supervised test, and this is one of the most nerve-chilling moments. The thought of having a supervisor manage the results creates a heart-racing moment. However, it is possible to have an advanced preparation before carrying out the test. There are products that one can use before getting to the testing room and achieve positive results easily.


Testing oneself does not call for a complex process that has coding guidelines. It only takes a simple kit to know the status. The portable kit fits in a purse, and one can take it home and carry out a drug test. There is much relaxation when people get to know their nicotine level, ecstasy level, or cocaine level in the body. Not only is the move responsible, but it also denotes a high level of self-awareness. Therefore, it is time to acquire a test kit and use the privacy of your home when carrying out the test.

Detox Test

A timed drug test offers one with time to carry out a detoxification process in order to get rid of excess toxins. No one should worry about a scheduled drug test. There are several testclear detox programs that one can use. This move compliments the self-test, and it becomes possible to flush out the toxins and carry out a test in advance. One can eventually walk in a testing room without any worry of failure when one achieves the required neutral levels. It is a self-applied process that does not call for much effort.

Drug Detection

Testing a substance for drugs is possible when one uses a testclear testing kit. The kit resembles the one that law enforcers use to detect cocaine, Meth, Marijuana and other drugs. Getting to find out whether a substance conforms to suspicions is now easy. There is no way that one can just take a word for it without getting physical. Having the kit denotes convenience, and it is now possible to clear doubts and have the real information about the substance at hand.

Testing samples

When one gets to a testing area or room, several samples apply in the process. To begin with, a saliva sample is one of the specimens used in drug testing. One has to present a certain amount of saliva that goes into a testing kit. The second sample is hair where one presents a hair follicle in tests such as Marijuana test. The last sample is urine. One needs to present 45 ml of urine, and the sample goes into a kit for testing.

Fake Alternatives

Some people use fake samples in order to pass a drug test. However, these samples easily get noticed since they do not have similar qualities with the real ones. One of the fake samples is water, while the other way to create a fake sample is through using a golden-seal. Notably, it is easy to detect these fake alternatives, but using testclear products adds authenticity to testing samples.


testclear reviews prove that no one should dread going for a drug test. It is possible to apply simple processes that help one to come up with acceptable samples or achieve a condition that will help him to pass the test. It means that you should fail to get that job due to testing since testclear products come in handy when one requires acceptable neutrality during a drug test exercise.


You can always excel in sporting activities if you work hard and seek the help of a specialist to locate your weaknesses and weed them out. However, it is sad to see that a huge percentage of sports persons depending on performance boosting drugs to enable them to perform better than they would normally do. Not only is this against the spirit of sportsmanship, it can also destroy their career permanently. A brief online search will provide you with details about athletes who have had to pay a high price for using performance enhancing formulations. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) has banned many of them for life from participating in sports.

Why did the agencies impose a mild sentence on Maria?
However, this agency has been fair to certain athletes who took drugs for their health, and the drug taken by them was not on the `banned list of WADA,’ updated every year, when they started taking it. Maria Sharapova is a prime example. However, the International Tennis Federation officials were not so harsh on her, since she was taking meldonium, a recently banned drug, prescribed by a doctor, to cure her magnesium deficiency. The agencies imposed a two years’ ban on her and later reduced it to 15 months. She got away with it because that particular drug was not on the list of banned drugs when she started taking it. However, you can rest assured that you will not receive such favors from the doping agencies if you take a substance to boost your performance.

Be fair and a warning
Are you aware that you have denied a genuine competitor from winning the prize by beating him in the competition with the help of performance boosting drugs? You can rest assured that WADA will eventually catch you. Once this happens, your sporting career is kaput.
Drug manufacturers try to hoodwink WADA
Drug manufacturers are always on the lookout to manufacture new types of drugs to fool WADA. A couple of years ago, a few of them started manufacturing and marketing fake urine, a powder that resembles human urine when mixed with water. Many athletes, who depended on drugs to improve their on field performance, started using this to hoodwink WADA and prevent them from finding positive results in urine samples. The modus operandi was simple. The athlete would put this powder in the container provided by WADA and pour water in it. This mixture would show no traces of drugs during laboratory tests.

There is a key for every lock
However, the anti drug authorities soon found out about this trick and started taking multiple samples of urine of the same athlete. Apart from this, the solution created by the powder did not have the odor, specific gravity, and other parameters associated with natural urine. Therefore, do not be lured by online stores that claim that they offer the best powdered urine kit, undetectable since 1998.

Detecting fake urine
According to WADA, athletes from a specific country use synthetic urine to pass drug tests. They did not know that the forensic toxicologists always try to remain updated with the latest technology that allows them to detect whether the urine sample provided to them is organic or synthetic. No doubt, synthetic urine fooled them for a couple of years because of its similarity to natural pee. Apart from this, athletes used special heating pads that warmed the fake pee solution to the exact temperature of real urine. The fact that synthetic urine was legal made it difficult for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agencies from banning it. However, this is changing, and certain states now prohibit the sale of synthetic urine.

How does WADA detect fake urine?
Forensic toxicologists employed by WADA can easily identify poor quality fake urine by looking at it. They also purchase this powder and test them in their labs to determine the difference between it and genuine pee. However, they cannot determine high-quality fake pee without the help of special tests. If they have any doubts, they test the urine sample for:

• Creatinine levels
• Urea and uric acid
• The pH factor (this determines the alkaline or acidic level of the sample)

They also evaluate the specific gravity of the sample as well as search for masking substances such as glutaraldehyde and nitrate. If they still have any doubts, they used advanced methods like:

• Dipstick test (this helps them determine the presence of certain chemicals)
• Mass spectrometry
• Gas chromatography

The forensic toxicologists will ultimately catch you if you try to replace natural urine with the best-powdered urine kit. Instead of resorting to illicit methods, hone your sporting skills to win the medal.